Provisional MCI rent increase for installation of accessibility ramps

Previous policy regarding MCI increases for accessibility ramps defaulted to denial and made applications for exception burdensome.

As of May, 2016, it has been decided that accessibility ramps are permanent improvements that are depreciable and, therefore, eligible for MCI rent increases provided they meet the following minimum requirements:

1. They provide manually operated and motorized wheelchairs with access to the building and substantially all public and common areas of the building (this does not mean that all entrances to a building must have ramps but once an individual is in the building access to substantially all public and common areas can be achieved.)
2. They provide access to the elevator(s) of a building as well as the ground floor apartments and in buildings without elevators the ramp provides access to the building and to all ground floor apartments of the building.
3. They otherwise comply with local building codes relative to the construction of accessibility/handicapped ramps.

To read the complete memo from the Bureau Chief, click here

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