Criminal Court

At times, Landlords are faced with criminal complaints processed in the New York City Criminal Court arising from failure to comply with various building codes. The New York City Fire Department, for example issues violations for the improper maintenance and operation of building plumbing systems, sewer systems and the like. These cases can result in not only a fine but in a conviction under various applicable statutes allowing for same. It is necessary to appear to answer any such summonses in Criminal Court. If the Landlord ownership entity is a corporation, it must appear by an attorney. Often, however, the Summons is issued in the name of an employee of the owner, such as the building superintendent, or the managing agent. Representation of the Landlord in such instances will involve attempting to secure the least onerous financial penalty (fine), and the reduction of the charge from a crime (misdemeanor) to a violation, which is not a crime. A violation is the equivalent of a traffic ticket. As part of the resolution, we will arrange to have the Landlord ownership entity (Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Partnership), substituted as Defendant in the case, in lieu of any individual such as the building superintendent or managing agent.

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