Non-Payment Proceedings

If you have a Tenant delinquent in payment of rent, let us assist you in addressing this situation in the most effective and cost efficient manner. Despite the apparently simplistic issue involved in the failure of a tenant to pay his or her rent, the legal steps necessary to pursue the claims of the Landlord are and can be hyper-technical requiring experienced legal counsel who know their way through the maze of procedural requirements as well as the practicalities of dealing with the New York City Housing Court. Is your tenant a Rent Stabilized Tenant or a Rent Controlled Tenant? Is he or she a Free Market Tenant? The answer to these questions will have specific consequences with respect to the manner in which a legal proceeding to collect unpaid rent is commenced and prosecuted. From the preparation and service of a formal (Statutory) Rent Demand to the preparation and service and filing of the summary non-payment proceeding, we handle the requisite steps in a manner calculated to produce the best result, in the least amount of time and in the most cost effective manner. When in the interests of the client to settle a Court proceeding, we do so by entering into a written Stipulation in which we incorporate provisions which not only call for the payment for the agreed upon rent due from the Tenant, but provide added protection to the Landlord to cover the scenario where the Tenant, although agreeing to the settlement, fails to comply. In such instances, we promptly move forward to enforce the written Stipulation by either securing the required payment, or evicting the defaulting Tenant for failing to comply with the terms of the written Stipulation. Not all cases are settled; there are those which, for a variety of reasons, may actually proceed to a trial. Our attorneys are experienced in handling such trials and vigorously represent the interests of the Landlord during any such proceeding. We are there for and with you from the very beginning to the very end of the process. Whether it is a relatively simple residential non-payment proceeding or a more complex commercial non-payment proceeding.

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