Buyout Discussions Can Mean Harassment Effective Dec. 2, 2015

Landlords should take heed that Local Law 84 has become effective December 2, 2015. The law considers buyout discussions, offers and negotiations to be harassment unless precautions are taken.

For instance, the following are considered illegal when discussing buyouts:

  1. Using threatening, intimidating or obscene language,
  2. Talking to tenants at their place of employment,
  3. Calling tenants at odd hours,
  4. Providing false information to tenants,
  5. Contacting a tenant before six months have passed after the tenant has asked in writing that no such contact be made, and
  6. Failing to give the tenant a written statement of the tenant’s rights.

    Visit the HPD page that discusses harassment at

    For assistance in how to approach buyout discussions, contact our office.

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