Annual Lead Paint and Window Guard Notice – updated for 2015

The Annual Lead Paint and Window Guard Notice for filing in 2015 is available by clicking here

Tenants in buildings with 3 or more apartments must complete the form and return it to the landlord no later than February 15, 2015. You may include the form with the rent bill for January, providing that the bill is mailed after December 15, 2014. Whatever the means of delivery, the tenant should receive the notice between January 1 and January 15, 2015.

If the tenant does not return the form, the landlord must visit the apartment to inspect for lead paint if a child under 6 years of age resides there and to inspect for window guards if a child under 11 years of age resides there.

If the owner cannot gain access to the apartment by March 1, 2015 by diligent and reasonable means, the owner must notify the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) in writing.

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