Local Law 110 - Requirement to Post and/or Distribute Notice of Violations

Local Law 110 of 2019 goes into effect December 5, 2019. This Local Law requires owners to post (and sometimes distribute) copies of DOB/OATH (Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings) violations along with an informational flyer for tenants.

A)     If the violation relates to a condition in a common area or affecting all residents, the owner must post:
              1)     A copy of the summons, and
              2)     A copy of the Tenant Information Flyer (for a copy, click here) in a conspicuous manner in the
                      building's lobby until such violation has been closed.

B)     If the condition giving rise to the violation exists inside a dwelling unit, the owner must distribute a
         copy of the Summons and the flyer to the resident of that unit, and to residents of adjacent units.

C)     The owner must post and/or distribute the necessary documents within five (5) days of being served with the violation.