Local Law 87 - LL87 - enacted in 2009 requires property owners to file energy efficiency reports starting in 2013. 

The due date of the report depends on the last digit of the property's tax block number:
Ending In      Due
3                    2013
4                    2014
5                    2015
6                    2016
7                    2017
8                    2018
1.9                 2019
1                    2020
2                    2022

After the initial filing, subsequent reports are due every 10 years.  However, the opportunity exists in 2013 for property owners to file the initial report now even if the tax block number does not require it.  The effect is that it extends the interval between required reporting dates.  For example, if a tax block number ends in 6, the report would not have to be filed until 2016, with its subsequent report due in the year 2026.  If the the energy audit report is filed in 2013, the subsequent report is still due in 2026, making the interval 13 years rather than 10.  The benefit to property owners can be huge, allowing them to put off the costs of conducting an energy audit.  Furthermore, the costs of doing an energy audit under the newly enacted guidelines is likely to cost less than it will in the future as further restrictions and mandates are applied.

Owners should take every opportunity to complete and file LL87 work in 2013